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     The King Delta & Valley Junction

Welcome to the new and hopefully improved website dedicated to the
K.D.&V.J. Rwy
, an HOn3 line.

    "The King Delta & Valley Junction Railway is a geologically probable, geographically impossible interpretation of a small narrow gauge railroad running from the lush shores of Northern California through the bustling city of Lakeland to the fertile timberlands of the Sierra  foothills and on into the ore rich Northern Sierra's"

    The KD & VJ Rwy layout is located in a small depot out in our backyard here in Sonoma County, north of the Golden Gate. A small building at 18' X 12', the layout packs a lot into such a small space. The HOn3 Mainline portion of the layout is double decked utilizing a hidden Helix track and a center room peninsula to transition  between levels. There is a narrow gauge logging line running from the Beet n Up Timber and Lumber Company Sawmill complex at Dutcher Basin to camp #6 that has trackage rights on the KD&VJ Rwy.

    There will be a "large" city portion (in a small space) with both Narrow Gauge and Standard gauge. As most big cities did not use narrow gauge and we needed a reason to run through the town, we will have the narrow gauge sharing trackage rights with the Upper Lakeland Traction Company. This will be done with Dual Gauge over a Viaduct through the city. On the lower portion of the City, we will have Standard gauge tracks utilized by the Southern Pacific to access the businesses of Lower Lakeland and in to the yards. We are also planning a small standard gauge switching yard based on the time-saver plan and wrapped around the base of the peninsula.

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Our K.D. & V.J. Rwy. HOn3 Layout

Below are 2 recent photos of the layout with the new layout lighting installed. All Phillips T8 Cool White fluorescent tubes. In one day we went from a plain layout to a DIORAMA, what a difference lighting makes.


King Delta

Our first work train made it over the newly rebuilt Kind River Bridge. After you leave King Delta and cross over the King River Bridge, you enter Upper Lakeland.

Here is the view from the King River Bridge. The HOn3 track curves to the left, as seen in the upper left of the pic.

Here the HOn3 track continues through town over the "temporary" Viaduct. Lakeland has recently been mocked up.

Here the HOn3 track exits town and the lower deck, under the H&C coffee importers bldg to the far left, and enters the Helix to the upper level of layout.

Once you pass through the city of Lakeland(above) you enter the helix in order to climb to the upper deck of the railroad. Below is the Helix in it's early stage, before the mountain was installed.

And here is a closer shot of the KD&VJ Rwy depot in our backyard.



"The birth of a reverse loop module in 2 months"

A General Store is reborn.





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